Our Old Mission Post 399 will hold its first elections under the revised Bi-Laws adopted last year. We are pleased to announce that there is a full slate of Nominees for leadership positions to take us forward into 2024-2025. These currently are:
   Commander – Bruce Thomas
   Vice-Commander/Adjutant – David Taylor
   Secretary/Historian – Karen Gleason
   Finance Officer/Treasurer – Mary Shultz
   At-Large Executive Committee Members – Tom Obrecht, Diane


Planned election process:
As of this time, no one else has been nominated in response to appeals made by Rudy at the Legion dinners. If no further nominations are received, then paper ballots will be prepared, with the names of the nominees specified above for the respective offices or other
positions. If other individuals are nominated, then their names will also be included on the ballot. In addition, a blank “write in” option will be included on the paper ballot, for each of the specified offices or other positions.

Ballots will be distributed or made available at the Legion Dinner on May 21, with a week thereafter being allowed for ballots to be turned in or for votes to alternatively be electronically submitted, via email. Officers and other Executive Committee members will thereafter be installed and take office on June 4.

As a related matter, Tom Petzold will develop an application form for community members of Post 399 to complete, per the new bylaws. that form will solicit interest from responding community members in supporting or participating in one or more of Post 399’s new standing committees – Membership, Public Relations, Good Works, and Building/Facility Maintenance.