Garland–Tompkins American Legion Post 399 is blessed to be situated near the far, northern tip of a beautiful geographical phenomenon known as the Old Mission Peninsula.  Post 399’s members and supporters come from the local Old Mission Community, veterans and non-veterans alike.  And, this is important as we see ourselves as an integral and supportive part of the community.

Indeed, the title of this Post derives from the names of two young men, sons of the Old Mission Community, who gave their lives in service during World War II.  Army Air Corps Sgt John Garland died in combat serving as a gunner on a B-29.  Navy Quartermaster Robert Tompkins was a crew member on a US Navy ship, carrying 3,800 tons of ammunition that catastrophically exploded in a harbor in the South Pacific.  Thus, Post 399  exists as a memorial to these local, young men and to the sacrifices this community has made through the years with the lives of its young men and women,  in service to our country.

We are grateful for the continuing support of both veterans and non-veterans and in turn it is our desire to give back, in full measure, to our community.  To this end, we will do our best to continue to stand as an example of patriotism and service to our country, our veterans and to our community.

“Rudy” Rudolph, Post Commander 2023