Old Mission American Legion

Post 399

Situated in the historic village of Old Mission, our Post welcomes residents and visitors to Traverse City and the Old Mission Peninsula. We are a local, veterans services support organization, serving both veterans and non-veterans in our community.  Our U.S. veteran members are joined with non-veteran community members in supporting our mission.

We are a recognized fixture in the Old Mission community, dating back to 1962, although the meeting hall itself is known to have existed since 1898.

We Love Our Old Mission Community!

Come enjoy a dinner with us and others from the beautiful Old Mission.
Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month we’re at the American Legion Hall sharing a meal and growing relationships starting  at 6:15pm.

Serving those on the front lines

The Legion members have been involved in sending packages to members of the Armed Services that are residents of Old Mission Peninsula as well as helping with the postage costs to the volunteers who send these packages out to our troops.


Close to home

We love the beautiful Old Mission Peninsula and the people living on it. We are intentional about serving our community. If you want to know what we’re doing next click below.


Contribute to a Cause

Our Legion Post and Community Hall Organization hosts various fundraising events and activities throughout the year to keep financially sound. We maintain our hall and connected building (U.S. Post Office) and donate to community and veteran’s needs on a regular basis.
We greatly appreciate the deep generosity displayed by our community members and friends so we can continue in our mission. If you would like to be a part of this generosity, please click below.


About Old Mission Post 399

The building once used as the Garland-Tompkins Post 399 American Legion Community Hall had been standing since 1898. It was built as a clubhouse for the Knights of the Maccabees. In 1926 the plot was deeded to the Peninsula Township School District and used as a community building. It served this function for nearly 40 years. In 1962, the building passed into the hands of the American Legion. Members of the Old Mission post have used it as a meeting hall since that time. In 1986, Members decided to do a thorough upgrading and have the building restored to its original grandeur. Not only for their own use but also for the Old Mission Community. This housed a basketball court, which doubled as a dance floor, and a stage previously used for community functions and school plays. Just before the work was completed, the hall was totally destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt into the hall that stands today. The Old Mission Post Office is adjacent to this building as of June 2006.
The Old Mission Post Hall is available to rent for private events pending availability and conditions.. 

What We Do

The American Legion provides a variety of services, including helping to support veterans in the community and in their medical facilities. It also offers programs to help veterans pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. The organization also provides benefits, including cash grants, donated goods, and volunteer assistance. It also provides assistance to veterans and their families during disasters.

In addition, the American Legion has programs dedicated to National Defense and Homeland Security, including programs to help veterans prepare for civilian careers after discharge. It also offers mentorship to veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. The American Legion also works with agencies to help veterans earn professional licenses based on their military experience.

We’re here for you.

Our Mission

To enhance the well-being of U.S. veterans, serve the local community, improve our understanding of veteran’s issues and to share current community concerns.


Help us be better equipped to serve our heroes as they come home!

Upcoming Events

We meet twice per month (1st & 3rd Tuesday evenings) to share a family-style meal, engage in friendly discussions to enhance our neighborly relations and to briefly discuss veteran and community concerns. We usually plan an annual Summer BBQ and Christmas Holiday fundraising events.

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